IBA Women's World Boxing Championship 2022 - Istanbul-Turkey

Extra Officials

Any individual who will be at the event in addition to the ones outlined in point 6.b., whom the National Federation (NF) would like to send to work with the team, would be registered
as an Extra Official.

Extra Officials who do not have a direct link with the preparation of the team for the competition will not receive an accreditation. Decisions will be taken by IBA on a case by case basis.

Each National Federation can register up to 6 additional persons within the following 2categories:

  • Extra Officials – NF Representatives:
    • NF President
    • NF Secretary General
    • NF Executive Board Member
    • NF President Accompanying Guest
    • NF Administrative Staff
  • Extra Officials – Team Delegation Staff
    • National Coach of a registered boxer
    • Additional Physiotherapist
    • Additional Doctor
    • Nutritionist

All Extra-Official registrations must be done through IBA database in the dedicated section of the event.

Important: If you plan to bring more than 6 additional persons, please note that accreditations will not be provided.