IBA Women's World Boxing Championship 2022 - Istanbul-Turkey

Sport Entries Check

The Sport Entries Check will take place on May 7 and 8, 2022. Teams will be informed of the exact date and time of their appointment during accreditation after arrival. Please make sure to arrive in İstanbul, Turkey on or prior to May 6, 2022.

Each Team delegation can appoint a maximum of 2 persons to attend the Sport Entries Check. IBA recommends to each team to send the Team Manager and/or the Team Doctor and/or the
Head Coach.

Each Team Delegation’s representatives will have a 10-minute appointment with IBA Officials to confirm the entry list of their delegation, the spelling of boxers’ names, the weight category,
the uniforms, national flag and anthem and to present the official documents listed below to IBA.

 Your representative(s) must present:  

  1. Entry list of the delegation   
  2. Passports of each boxer.
  3. Record Books of each boxer.
  4. Uniform examples.
  5. Results of Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV tests, not older than 12 months (boxers)
  6. IBA General Participation Form signed by all team members
  7. IBA Women’s World Championships Code of Conduct signed by all team members
  8. IBA Medical certificates issued within the last 3 months for each boxer.
  9. COVID-19 Declaration of No symptoms Form signed by all team members
  10. COVID-19 Liability Waiver Form signed by all team members
  11. Anti-doping consent forms signed by each of the boxers.
  12. Video consent form signed by team manager/head coach.
  13. Declaration of Non-Pregnancy Form
Important: Please note that the presence of your representative is mandatory. In the event where Team Delegation Representatives do not show-up to the scheduled appointment, the
entire Team will be disqualified. ALL MEDICAL DOCUMENTS MUST BE PRESENTED (Medical Certificate; HIV, Hepatitis B & C results)